Your Generosity will transform Lynn McMullen’s Future.

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Smiling Lynn.

A World-Changing Woman.

As many of you know, Lynn was struck by a life-changing stroke last year.

Since she is without health insurance, she is now forced to sell her cherished home and her belongings to pay the bills.

Together, we’ll raise $20,000 (or better!) by August 15, 2010, to contribute to her healthy, thriving, debt-free  future — and a mobile home so she can be near to the medical care she needs.

For everyone whose life has been touched by Lynn McMullen: It’s your chance to give back!


UPDATE 8.4.2010:

A love poem of gratitude from Lynn to her friends:

ive been thinking of all of you
my friends and family
sending me messages, some even in the unseen world
i’m bathed in your
thoughts and wishes for my healing
electronic money, cards, good will
checks with more money, an offer for a place to stay and recuperate
more virtual hugs and kisses than is legal in some states

i feel it when i close my eyes to sleep, your good will
i imagine your loving compassion is healing me at the deepest levels
i imagine the energy of your tender kindness,
soothing my bruised brain, finding its target
o thank you
now multiplying in my heart,
as love received so often does

and so loving kindness
grows brighter and clearer
it comes back to you in millions of little ways
kindness you witness, this flower of human truth
the scent of our truest nature
we are sweet hearts everyone
thank you each and all



Our intention for Lynn.

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Lynn has shared her personal goals for making this the happiest year of her life, despite her current challenges. Together, let’s visualize her goals in our prayers, meditations, thoughts.

Let’s picture Lynn…

  • Pain-free, dancing in the sunshine!
  • Able to perform the work that gives her JOY and helps the world!
  • Footloose in her efficient, comfortable mobile home!
  • Receiving heart-refueling moments of belly-laughter, hugs, and Just Being…every day!

You. Are. Amazing.

Thanks to recent donors:

Ana Campos Ann Jones Ann Marie Tate Annette Toutonghi Arlyn Heart Phoenix Barbara Rivera Ben Mercadante Beverley Allen Bob Sample Brenda Tyler Brian Callahan Campaign for a Department of Peace Carolyn Prouty Catherine Hartman Catherine Little Cheryl Tarr Colleen Mills Complementary Health Education Organization Corine Milano Cynda Arsenault Cynthia Casas Cynthia Klopfenstein Dana Santa Cruz Darcy Winslow David Hazen DNA Dialogues Faye Landey Gwen Whiting Jade Frank Jane Hessler Janice Wong jean Jill Stone Jodi Bernstein John Atkinson Consulting John Reinke Joseph Allegro Joseph Tonan Judith Shattuck Judy Kimmel Karen Johnson Karen M. Johnson, Author Kathryn Hessler Keith Wilhelmi Leigh Tivol Liv Monroe Lori Draper Lynda Smith Maja Bengtson Marty McCall Mary Albertson Matthew Albracht Melessa Rogers Mike Cottrill Oebm Bendrah Owen KInser Pat Simon Patricia Kuderer Paul Brindle Peter W Rose Richard Renner Richard Stewart Robert C Dickson Robert Girling Rodger Sorrow Roxanne Allen Scott Albert Leckman Shane Grenier Shelli Riden Sherri Balzer Sherri Rogers Sherri Sorro Shon Workman Stan Krcmar Stanaton Merrell Stefan Wisbauer Steven Mayer Strangeways Interactive Sura Hart Virginia Knox Yvonne Wyborny

(Listed in order first donations were received — Heartfelt thanks to the many of you who have already given more than once!)

Please keep sharing this website with friends.
Also, consider emailing or posting a note of love and encouragement to Lynn, on this WordPress blog, or on Facebook.


We Love You, Lynn!

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Lynn = Joy!

Lynn is one of the most present, visionary, and supportive people walking the earth. Her mind and soul are as crystal clear as ever. There is so much hope for the phenomenal life Lynn has yet to live. She has global peace and the liberation of womankind at the top of her list. Your support will help Lynn at a crucial time in her life.  It is the very support that Lynn would give to each of us, if we faced the same challenges.

Whether you can give $25, $100, $500 or $5,000 – your generosity will be a turning point for Lynn’s health, well being, and financial survival.

Click here to give your very-best-sized gift to Lynn, today!

UPDATE 07/20/2010

A note of thanks from Lynn:

“Dear Friends,

I cry seeing the names of people contributing each time I go into my email. It has been quite amazing and beautiful for me to see these gifts, from all over the country, come pouring in–some from friends I haven’t seen for nearly 20 years. It touches me deeply. I love and appreciate each of you. Most of you, we met doing activism work on poverty, or peace-building, and others of you I met while doing fundraising for the center for nonviolent communication. This campaign is so amazing for me, like a tapestry of my life. Thank you each for these gifts and even more for the meaningful relationships we share.

With much gratitude,


UPDATE 7/22/2010: Lynn was unable to attend her appointment at the UW pain clinic last week. She is still experiencing severe pain and in fact it has worsened in recent days. She is currently unable to reply to the many emails of love and support that have been sent to her. However, please know that she appreciates your thoughts. She welcomes you to post comments on this website to express your love and concerns. Thank you!

UPDATE 8/2/2010: Lynn’s pain clinic appointment is re-scheduled for this week. Please keep her in your thoughts!